First Time Buyer Mortgage

A First time buyer mortgage is your first step on the property ladder, with fixed and variable rate mortgage repayments your one step closer to owning your own first home.

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Buying your first home

First time buyer applicants get free broker advice for all first time home buyers. Regardless of your current situation or stage of the buying process you are at. We lend a hand and offer our expert advice to help make the task of moving into your first house that little bit smoother.

Mortgage Deposit

First Time Buyer Deposit

A minimum 10% deposit requirement when applying for your first mortgage.
Mortgage Application

Mortgage Application

You'll need pay slips from your employer and bank statements from the last 6 months .
Mortgage Approval

Finding a House

Once your lender approves your home loan you can make an offer on your first home.

Mortgage calculator for first time buyers

Find out how much a first time buyer mortgage costs with a quick quote below using our online payments calculator. The form is quick to complete and you get a price within seconds!

Your Mortgage Results

Based on the details provided, you could avail of a mortgage of up to:

Mortgage amount


Monthly repayments


Minimum deposit


Max mortgage allowed


Jargon buster for first time buyers

We explain the most common jargon terms used when talking about mortgages in plain simple to understand language.

10% minimum of the property loan value is required as a deposit before you can apply for a mortgage.


For example, if you wish to purchase a house valued at €220,000 you will need a deposit of at least €22,000

AIP is short for Approval in Principle.

Its a non legally binding opinion from our first conversation about your finances to give you an indication of how much you might be able to borrow for a property.

The normal maximum borrowing level is 3.5 times your annual gross income based on a single income application.

LTV is short for Loan to Value. This is the amount of money you can borrow based on the asking price of the property.

A first time buyer can borrow up to 90% of the value of a property and a 2nd time buyer can borrow up to 80% of the value of a property.

Standard variable rate is the main mortgage rate charged by your lender. It is the long term rate of interest that your mortgage will switch to once your introductory fixed rate period has ended.

A variable rate mortgage means your monthly repayments can go up aswell as down based on European interest rates and your mortgage lender.

Benefits Of using a mortgage broker

Home loans can be complex financial agreements lasting up to three decades. Its important to have someone unbiased on your side to explain the jargon and get you the best deal.

Impartial Advice
for First Time Home Buyers

Your first time buyer mortgage can be daunting as it has long-term financial implications. If you want assurance in making the right decision for you then proper financial advice is crucial.

Top Mortgages is one of Ireland’s leading mortgage brokers and we are here to help get you get started and guide you through the process with our professional experience and services.

Best Interest Rates
for First Time Buyer Mortgage

In order to find the best first time buyer mortgage rates possible, we work alongside many mortgage lenders for first time buyers. Loan terms are available for up to 35 years, with a range of fixed and variable mortgage rates.

We find and compare the best deals on these products to complete the purchase. So would you rather a mortgage from just any old bank or one from a top mortgage broker? Make the top choice with Top Mortgages.

First Time Buyer Mortgage Guides

Stay informed with our mortgage guides on how to select the best mortgage that's right for you and your financial circumstances.